The SEC is all about comfort. It’s urban-inspired geometry favors a raised driving position, well installed on the ergonomic saddle. The lowered horizontal tube allows getting on and off the saddle unhindered. On the safety side, you are in good hands, thanks to the disc brakes and the front and rear lighting. The generous mudguards will keep you dry at all times and you’ll appreciate the sturdy rear rack, which elegantly houses the battery. The adjustable five-level power assist provides smooth, effortless pedaling up to 32km / h and as far as 90km. The SEC opens wide the doors of the electric revolution … in the comfort zone!

100% Aluminium

• BAFANG 350 Watts motor, 45N/m, 5 assist levels
• PHYLION WALL Li-ion 36Volts, 13 Ah, battery
• Speed: 32 Km/h
• Autonomy: Over 90 Km
• Transmission: SHIMANO Tourney 7 speeds
• Integrated front and rear lights, handlebar controled

1850 $




Be prepared to change your mind when you lay your hands on an SER. The first road e-bike on the Spherik line proves that it’s now possible to enjoy worry-free power assistance without sacrificing the thrill of a good road bike. At only 28.5 lbs, it ranks among the lightest on the market, without compromising on power or autonomy. The built-in motor/drive system and the battery inserted in the down tube place the center of gravity low and well centered for predictable, natural steering. The carbon frame with harmonious and aerodynamic lines has all the qualities of the high-end Spherik frames. The components have been carefully selected according to the electrical power. All these features distinguish the SER from the rest of the e-bikes, making each ride simply an exhilarating experience.

100% Torayca T700

• Bafang M-800 Motor.
Chosen for its reliability, Bafang being the world’s largest manufacturer of electric motors. Also chosen for its very compact and lightweight format,
and for its powerful torque of 55 newton-meter of 200 Watts.
• Assistance limited to 32km/h, the limit in Canada, unlike some other bikes on the market limited to 25km/h (European limit). 5 power modes
easily controlled from the handlebars.
• Battery Bafang M 800 Chosen because it is the lightest on the market, the battery representing the greatest weight gain on an e-bike. Also
chosen for its power of 215 watts/hour, which is more energy than you will ever need, even for a long hilly ride.
• Components:
SRAM Force 22, SRAM disc brakes, FSA ERoad crankset, Italia Novus Boost saddle, Vittoria Rubino Pro 700 X 28 tires

6999,99 $




The SEM meets the needs of gravity buffs, who crave to climb the hills effortlessly as many times as possible in their day. So they can have more fun on the downhill trails, riding a playful bike which will offer them the same sensations as a regular trail / long travel bike. It was therefore essential to find the ideal weight / autonomy / power ratio and we simply offer the best of the market, with a carbon frame, the powerful Bafang M-500 motor/drive system, and the battery M-500 located in the down tube. The result is a powerful bike, with excellent autonomy range, much lighter and more maneuverable than all competitors in this price range.

100% Torayca T700, ball bearing pivots.

• Bafang M-500 engine.
Given the very steep slopes encountered on trails, torque (i.e. the engine size) is crucial on an e-MTB. This reliable, light and compact engine releases as much torque as you’ll need. At 95 Newton-meters of 250 Watts, it exceeds that of several competitors, limited to 75Nm.
• SEM’s assistance is limited to 25km/h, because we believe that on the trail, power is more important than speed when it comes time to cross the impassable. Yes, speed is exhilarating but it raises security issues and we want to keep you as a customer for a long time. The assistance is adjusted via 5 intensity levels with ergonomic handlebar control.
• Battery Bafang M 500
It’s sort of your gas tank, and at 450 watts-hours, you’ll be exhausted by descents before reaching its limits. It is the lightest battery on the market, which considerably lowers the weight of the bike, with a very positive effect on handling.
• Components: SRAM NX Eagle , SRAM T Guide, Race Face, Rock Shox Lyric

7399,99 $